An emergency room doctor at St. Joseph Hospital in Nashua has agreed to an official reprimand, following the death of an 86-year-old patient he had cared for.

Dr. Peter J. Gould must also undergo eight hours of continuing education, four on the subject of managing trauma in an emergency room, according to the New Hampshire Board of Medicine.

Gould agreed to the reprimand and training to resolve allegations of professional misconduct.

According to the medical board, Gould was at the St. Joseph emergency room in October 2014 when Phyllis Bujnowski, who was 86, arrived as the result of an automobile accident.

She suffered from a broken collarbone, which Gould confirmed with a CT scan. Even though Bujnowski had not been buckled in, Gould did not order a CT scan of her head and sent her home.

That evening, she experienced a headache and vomiting. She returned to the hospital, and a CT scan revealed a large collection of blood between her brain and skull.

She died within a month. Her estate sued Gould, which prompted the investigation by the Board of Medicine.