Dr. Lauren Thompson

PORTSMOUTH — The newest surgeon to join Portsmouth Regional Hospital’s medical staff specializes in minimally invasive breast surgery.

Dr. Lauren Thompson empathizes with women who are concerned that a diagnosis of breast cancer could mean a dramatic change to their appearance and says that with the latest technology there are many more options on the table than there were years ago.

“It’s not the case anymore where a woman has to sacrifice their appearance to save their life,” Thompson said.

Today, doctors like Thompson work side-by-side with plastic surgeons.

“We can remove the tumor and put it together with a breast reduction,” Thompson said. “You can also combine it with a breast lift.”

Thompson said for women with reccurring breast cancer there have also been a number of advances in recent years, including new solutions for chemotherapy regimens.

Of course, taking preventive measures is key. Regular mammograms save lives, Thompson said.

But women can also do more on their own to reduce their risk of developing the disease, including eliminating excess weight, reducing the use of alcohol and talking with members on both sides of their family about their history with breast cancer.

Thompson joined the staff at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in early October. She hopes Wednesday morning conferences to review case files will help coordinate team members and provide better outcomes for patients.

Thompson earned her medical degree at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C. She recently completed her surgical training with a Breast Surgical Oncology Fellowship at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City.

“Dr. Thompson is committed to using cutting-edge, minimally invasive surgical approaches while maximizing oncologic outcomes including decreased post-operative pain, scarring and recovery time,” said Dean Carucci, Portsmouth Regional Hospital’s CEO.