NASHUA — Southern New Hampshire Medical Center has taken a leap into the future with the installation of the 7D Surgical System for spinal procedures.

According to a news release from the hospital, this system “virtually replaces standard fluoroscopy, providing the surgical team with a fast, accurate and radiation-free tool for the placement of spinal implants.”

“Southern New Hampshire Medical Center has always been proactive in ensuring that we have the right tools to protect our patients and enhance patient care, which is why we supported the purchase of the 7D Surgical System,” said Liz Armstrong, vice president, operations for Southern New Hampshire Health. “This investment is important and underscores our commitment to patient care and the communities we serve.”

For the first time, spine surgeons can guide their tools to the critical anatomy using sophisticated camera technology linked to a computer in the operating theater, the news release states. The underlying technology is similar to what is used in the latest self-driving automobiles.

Dr. Tung Nguyen, neurosurgeon at Southern New Hampshire Medical Center, is impressed with the new system.

“Having used traditional surgical navigation systems, the 7D Surgical System is by far a superior platform,” he said. “I have experienced improvement in surgical case duration, while improving staff and patient safety through significant reduction of total fluoroscopy time in my operating room.”

Unlike time-consuming conventional image-guided surgery systems that depend on intraoperative radiation, the new “Machine-Vision Image Guided Surgery” platform can achieve a fast surgical workflow for spine procedures, reducing operative time for patients.

Dr. Nguyen sees patients at Neurosurgery at the Bone and Joint Center in Nashua. He is a specialty-trained neurosurgeon and recognized expert in providing surgical and nonsurgical care for those suffering from conditions of the back, brain, neck, skull and spine.

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