Murphy’s Law dictates that all plumbing disasters occur when you’re entertaining, cooking a large meal or hosting guests for the weekend. Naturally, of course, they also generally occur on Saturday night or Sunday. Here’s what you should do when they happen.

Your relatives aren’t the only guests who make themselves at home in your house over the holidays, and the other group is considerably less welcome. People often think rodents and insects go dormant during the winter months. And while many do indeed go into a kind of hibernation, others rema…

Are you starting the new year with a new project? Why not get an inside scoop on the hottest trends around the corner? Toni Sabatino, the award-winning designer behind Toni Sabatino Style in New York, keeps her finger on the pulse to deliver her clients cutting-edge home interiors. These are…

You don’t have to save up the cost of college tuition before you make improvements to your kitchen. There are several upgrades you can make with a small budget, and your options grow with every extra dollar you can invest.

The humble bathroom exhaust fan might not occupy your mind very often, except maybe when you flip the switch by accident while fumbling around for the lights. But an exhaust fan plays a vital role in your bathroom, and it sometimes requires attention and care.

OLYMPIA FIELDS, Ill. — Two decades ago, Frederick Veazey was drawn to this suburban idyll by the usual things: grass, peace and quiet, good schools. But in choosing where to raise his sons and daughter, the successful insurance broker also wanted something else.