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Some people have great spatial reasoning and can work out designs in their head or by plotting items on graph paper. But many homeowners may need a little extra help.

Room planners come in various forms, from free downloads available through popular furniture companies to pay-for-use, third-party software. The following are some the more popular room planners homeowners can utilize.

Amikasa: This app enables users to create room layouts using furniture and more from real brands. It features a walk-through mode so you can take a virtual tour afterwards.

Autodesk Homestyler: Brought to you by the company that produces professional design programs for architects and designers, like AutoCAD, Autodesk and Revit, this user-friendly technology allows you to create 3D renderings and move around furniture, decorative items, appliances, and other elements right in the app.

Floor Plan Creator: Start with the basics by plotting out precise and accurate floor plans. This app enables you to create multiple floor rooms in 3D and get automatic figures for perimeters, walls and more.

Ikea Home Planner Tools: The free, easy-to-use home planner tool from the popular furniture giant enables you to see how items from the store can look in your space Ñ before you bring it home. The Kitchen Planner from the company also makes it simple to enter Ikea components and see how much the proposed kitchen design may cost.

Magic Plan: This is another popular feature-filled app for planning designs. The technology even allows you to take a picture of your existing room and create floor plans.

Planner 5D: This is an extensive room-design tool that helps you design rooms down to the smallest architectural details. It also can be taken outdoors for landscaping and pools, utilizing 3D graphics.

Room Scan Pro: This app draws floor plans simply by having you hold the phone up to a wall. The software will then scan the circumference and plot out the requisite measurements.

— Metro Creative Connection