A kitchen with blue cabinetry.

When is too much … too much? When it comes to decor, homeowners may not know when to hold back or tone it down.

To help ensure a successful decor outcome that will stand the test of time while still allowing for individuality, avoid these seven things.

1. Colored cabinetry

While blue or orange may look good in your space, overly personal colors may become outdated.

2. Pedestal sinks

While they are space-savers, they provide little to no storage.

3. Furniture by the set

Typically purchasing a full set or furniture suite is too much furniture for many spaces.

4. Too much wallpaper

Wallpaper has made a comeback and works great … in moderation. If you’re looking for a way to use wallpaper in a more portable way, consider wrapping boards with wallpaper and creating a screen or wall hanging.

5. Shimmer and shine

Muted colors tend to work well together and best when used in abundance. Too much bling can overwhelm.

6. Too many mementos

While you can enjoy and display your favorite things and souvenirs, it is likely best to do it in moderation.

7. Too much glass

While glass opens up a room and helps make a space feel larger, it is best to mix glass pieces with more opaque ones.

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