State-of-the-art vintage-style kitchen faucets are now available.

Q: Dear Ed: We live in an old house and plan to remodel the kitchen as close as possible to the original design. But, I want a new hands-free high-tech kitchen faucet. Do they make modern faucets that can blend in with a vintage kitchen? — Jean, Maine

A: Half the fun of installing a new kitchen faucet is getting the latest features along with choosing a style that can match your kitchen decor. However, when you try to combine electronic features with a classic design, it can get a little tricky.

The good news is state-of-the-art vintage-style faucets are now available.

These faucets may look like they are from another era, but they can include powered options like touchless on and off water flow controls, LED indicator lights and water temperature memory settings.

Modern plumbing options can include water-saving technology, pull-down magnetic docking heads and custom water spray options. Selected finishes are also available to complete the old-time look for your new kitchen faucet.

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