Dumaine Avenue condo development

This architectural drawing on file at Nashua City Hall depicts a newly approved 30-unit townhouse development to be constructed in the Gate City.

City planners last week approved a new 30-unit townhouse development along Dumaine Avenue in Nashua.

The project was granted just six months after a separate, 10-unit condominium development was adopted for the same neighborhood.

On Thursday, the Nashua City Planning Board unanimously approved two townhouse structures at 5, 7, 9 and 11 Dumaine Ave. — with 14 attached townhomes in one large building and 16 attached townhomes in another.

The two rows of townhouse structures will face each other and be divided by Gimak Drive; the development will be named Divine Peace Condominium and is owned by GIMAK Properties, LLC.

“It looks pretty well laid out to me,” said Scott LeClair, chairman of the planning board. Four parcels are being consolidated into one larger plot consisting of nearly two acres to accommodate the new townhouse development.

According to Chad Brannon, a civil engineer with Fieldstone Land Consultants, each two-story unit will be about 1,600 square feet, include three bedrooms and a single-car garage.

Two exterior parking spaces will be dedicated for each unit, he added. The developer will also be implementing improvements along Dumaine Avenue such as a sidewalk and drainage improvements, said Brannon. Trees and a vinyl fence will also be added along one portion of the property to allow for privacy, he explained.

“I really do like the construction they have done on the other housing units in that area,” said Ed Weber, planning board member, noting the other complex in the neighborhood is clean and well-designed.

Initially, GIMAK Properties had hoped to construct three apartment buildings on three plots located at 7, 9 and 11 Dumaine Ave. — just west of Amherst Street.

However, after the zoning board voiced concerns about the density of the residential project in 2019, as well as its proposed location within the city’s park industrial and general business zones, the project was nixed.

Now, with an additional parcel added into the mix, the density is not as intense, according to city planners who supported the initiative. The developer has agreed to contribute $6,000 to the Amherst Street Corridor Fund to assist with possible traffic improvements in the long-term.

The Dumaine Avenue neighborhood also recently received approval for the construction of a separate project with Sequel Development and Management, Inc., that will bring 10 attached, two-story residential condominium units at 18 and 20 Dumaine Ave; that project was approved this past December. Sequel Development and Management, Inc., has already built and sold 34 units in the same neighborhood and within close proximity.


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