NASHUA — Twenty-five new homes will be constructed on a large parcel of land in the southwest portion of the city.

On Thursday, the Nashua City Planning Board approved a site plan from Etchstone Properties for the new development at 35 Groton Road.

“The Terrell family has owned and resided upon this land for many years,” Tom Zajac, a civil engineer with Hayner Swanson Inc., told the board.

The new housing development, dubbed Terrell Farm, will be constructed on a 25.4-acre parcel. The 25 homes will each include three bedrooms and a two-car garage.

“The project will be held under a condominium form of ownership and will include private roads and utilities,” Zajac said.

The planning board adopted the site plan, which is part of a conservation development designed to protect open space. A cluster form of development has been designed to promote more land protection and less infrastructure, said Zajac, who noted there are existing hayfields on the property that will be maintained.

Two private access roads will be constructed as part of the development — Testament Circle and Craftsmen Lane. Vista Way, a new, shared driveway, will also be built to provide access to some of the houses situated in the far corner of the property.

Pedestrian improvements such as a paved connection along the easterly frontage with Groton Road are also included in the plans, as well as a natural walking path connection in the northeast portion of the site that leads to existing trails at Southwest Park, according to Zajac.

“Etchstone is working with Pennichuck to extend a new water main to the site,” he said.

The new houses will echo traditional New England-style ranch architecture, and are expected to be about 2,100 square feet in size, said Zajac.

“Our client’s hope is to begin construction this upcoming spring,” he added.

The majority of the large parcel is undeveloped; a house and barn that previously existing on the property was recently razed.

“There is definitely a lot of activity on that south side of Groton Road,” said Scott Leclair, chairman of the planning board.

Zajac agreed, saying the parcel has very attractive frontage along Groton Road. The conservation development, he said, will allow for the construction of 25 new houses while also preserving open space on the large plot.

In a separate project in 2012, city planners approved a subdivision on the property next door to pave way for a 34-unit condominium development on the 47-acre site at 40 Groton Road. As part of that subdivision nearby, two conservation areas were also established encompassing about 35 acres of the parcel.

Friday, January 17, 2020