Jerry LoFaro

Jerry LoFaro’s red-barn studio in Henniker is packed with stories, some told and some waiting to be discovered.

An eclectic mix of keepsakes, illustrations and photographs vie for space inside what was once a former owner’s dance studio.

In the studio

Illustrator, music lover and relic hunter Jerry LoFaro sits next to a bank of computers screens and a digital drawing pad. His varied interests cover every inch of his Henniker studio, including a toy dinosaur collection, a host of products for major advertising campaigns including Celestial Seasonings tea boxes, a lit-up stage for house concerts and his photographs and remnants of abandoned vintage cars.

Emerson tribute

Aaron and Ethan Emerson sit at an antique piano outside the playfully named Lafaro Center for the Performing Arts, a house concert stage run by Henniker couple Jerry and Kathleen LoFaro. The Emersons — a grandson and a son of the late Keith Emerson of the seminal progressive rock band Emerson, played a tribute here in 2019.

Concert collage

A photo collage of concert images taken by Tupelo Music Hall’s house photographer Jerry LoFaro, of Henniker, hangs in the lobby of the Derry entertainment venue. Famous faces include David Crosby, Pat Benatar, LeAnn Rimes, Peter Frampton and Michael McDonald.

Morning Thunder

Henniker illustrator Jerry LoFaro has done advertising campaigns for major companies including Clariton, Minolta and Coca Cola. His image of a snorting bull has long graced Celestial Seasonings tea boxes for the caffeinated Morning Thunder blend.

Rusted Hudson

A red barn studio peeks out from fall foliage on the Henniker property of Jerry and Kathleen LoFaro. A rusting vintage Hudson fills the foreground, evidence of a passion for vintage cars. to a rusting Hudson that rests on Henniker property. erry LoFaro’s studio, t