Heloise pet pal

DEAR READERS: Meet Ceaser, who was adopted by Maria in July 2018. Ceaser, who is now 4 years old, is a shorthair domestic. He loves to pose for pictures! Do you have a pet pal you’d like to share? Email a picture and description to Heloise@Heloise.com. — Heloise

Dear Readers: A great safety measure to protect your pets in case of a fire? A sticker on the window telling first responders how many and what types of pets you have inside.

These stickers are readily available — at pet stores, through the ASPCA (www.ASPCA.org) for a small donation or at online retailers.

Hints from Heloise sig

Keep the stickers up to date. Firefighters want to save as many lives as possible, and these stickers give them a benchmark from which to start.

Emergencies like fires and floods are high-pressure situations. The harsh reality is, domestic animals can run and hide in an emergency, but these stickers can help pets get rescued.

— Heloise

Dog in danger

DEAR HELOISE: Remind your readers to keep their dogs secure when driving with them in their car. I saw a guy driving with his two dogs hanging out the window. You’d never let your kids do that, so why let your dog when you say your pet is part of the family?

— Bobbie P., Santa Ana, Calif.

Conserving water

DEAR HELOISE: I water the trees, shrubs, rosebushes, etc. I don’t waste water on the lawn. I concentrate on salvaging as many large trees as possible during our Texas summers.

My watering schedule includes watering after the sun goes down. I would be interested in a product to assist the plants and trees in surviving extreme heat.

— Elizabeth, Texas

Creative sandwich

DEAR HELOISE: I ran out of bread, so I formed a sort of “sandwich” by putting a seasoned pickle between two slices of ham with mustard. A toothpick held it in place. It is low-calorie and high-protein. It also can make a decent hors d’oeuvre.

— Ken F., Brenham, Texas

Scents too strong

DEAR HELOISE: Why do companies highly scent their products? One particular air freshener used to have barely any smell at all, and I really liked that. Now its products are all so highly scented that I can’t use them.

Also, dryer sheets are so strong that they linger in the clothes forever. Can’t they make something that is less strong and doesn’t linger?

— Virginia L., via email

Savvy shopper

DEAR HELOISE: I keep a dry-erase board on my fridge, and I write down items as I need them. Before I leave the house, I take a picture of the board with my phone, and I seldom forget anything.

— Priscilla J., via email

Cord detangler

DEAR HELOISE: I save the cardboard cores from toilet tissue rolls, coil the cords of small appliances and push them into the cardboard cores. No more messy, tangled cords. .

— Judy P., via email

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Monday, October 14, 2019