The mystery of the moving paper in Epping Town Hall

In this screen grab from video, Epping Town Administrator Gregory Dodge speaks at Monday’s selectmen’s meeting after a piece of paper mysteriously moved and landed on a microphone. on the table.

EPPING — Ghost hunters plan to visit Epping Town Hall to investigate possible paranormal activity after some papers sitting on the selectmen’s meeting table moved for no apparent reason during a recent board meeting.

Public access video captures ghostly movement in Epping Town Hall

Selectmen voted last week to allow a team of investigators from Paranormal Odyssey Investigations LLC to spend a night inside the 169-year-old town hall.

Some feel the building is haunted, but one of the biggest believers is Gregory Dodge, the town’s former police chief who is now town administrator.

He has reported many strange noises when he’s been alone inside the building over the years and at one point even called police to check things out when he got spooked working in his office.

A group of paranormal investigators spent a night at the town hall in 2013, but while they found no “hard evidence” during their time there, they reported that based on their personal experiences they believed there could be some activity.

Interest in the possible haunted happenings at town hall was renewed after the paper incident on Nov. 18 that was captured by cameras during the selectmen’s televised meeting.

Dodge was sitting with selectmen at their table in the upstairs meeting room when some papers suddenly lifted up and moved. No one noticed the papers had moved until later when they watched the video of the meeting.

Dodge said there was no reason for the papers to move that night as no windows were open and no fans or heaters were running that could have caused them to move.

Following the incident, Dodge said he was contacted by a group of paranormal investigators interested in spending a night “locked in” at the town hall.

“Apparently they seem to think there are spooks or something in this building. I made an evaluation myself and decided there were spooks in the building and they have a beef with our administrator because he seems to be the only one that sees them and hears them. I’m kidding. It was your papers that moved though. They were your papers,” Selectman Adam Munguia, the board’s chairman, told selectmen at their Dec. 16 meeting.

Selectman Joe Trombley expressed some concern about the group being inside a government building unsupervised and having “free rein.”

Dodge said police performed spot checks the last time investigators spent a night inside the building.

Trombley was also concerned about the town’s liability.

“I just don’t want the town liable if something happens, somebody falls down the stairs or something like that. There’s things that can happen and I don’t want us liable for that,” he said.

Selectmen agreed to allow the team to investigate on Jan. 30, but only after signing a waiver of liability and providing a certificate of insurance.


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