The first Afghan refugee families to be resettled in New England arrived late Wednesday night at Boston’s Logan Airport.

Abdulmuqsad Waziri, his wife Robina, and their four young children were greeted at the airport by staff from the International Institute of New England (IINE), which will be resettling 425 evacuees from Afghanistan in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Two other families that will be resettled by other agencies were on the same flight, according to a news release from IINE.

Most of the evacuees from Afghanistan remain at U.S. military bases, where they are undergoing security vetting and health screenings.

The Waziri family will be living in Cambridge, Mass., “thanks to the generosity of a landlord offering extremely reduced rent,” IINE said in the release.

IINE will provide arriving families with health care and educational services to help families adapt and thrive in their new homes, the agency said.

Late last month, Congress passed a continuing resolution that authorized Afghan evacuees to receive refugee resettlement benefits, including access to health care, food stamps and limited cash assistance.

The same measure requires the Department of Homeland Security to expedite asylum applications for these Afghans, and makes them eligible for driver’s licenses and other government identification, according to IINE.