DEAR HELOISE: When you lose your wallet, all sorts of scary thoughts go through your mind. You’ll, of course, need to act quickly to cancel your credit cards, but do you remember everything that was in your wallet? I couldn’t when it happened to me. So as soon as I had replaced my driver’s license, insurance cards and credit cards, I took a photo of each (front and back) with my cellphone and emailed them to myself. I saved the photos in a file on my computer. Now I have peace of mind knowing that I have a record of what’s in my wallet saved in two places. — Donna in Kentucky

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Tech Tuesday: mobile payment

DEAR HELOISE: What is mobile payment and how does it work? — Robin in New York

Robin, mobile payment is a regulated (safe) way to pay for products or services using a mobile device like your cellphone. This type of payment has become very popular because it’s touchless, which is great for this new, virus-aware world we live in.

You’d need to create a “mobile wallet” by downloading an app for one of the mobile payment service providers, then register and enter your phone number. The provider will text you a PIN, then you input your credit card number or checking account number so you can use your phone to pay. — Heloise

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Saturday, September 26, 2020