Bank of America's Santa Fund donation

From left, Ken Sheldon, Kristin Perry and Olalekan Sanusi of Bank of America pose with the bank’s annual Santa Fund donation in front of a branch in downtown Manchester on Dec. 14.

December 16, 2018

From William and Susan Tucker $1,000.00

In loving memory of my husband, Robert L. Soucy, from Arlene $50.00

In memory of Rebecca J. Lolicata. Love, Matt and Dad $100.00

From NOA Aux Bowling Team at Lakeside Lanes $200.00

In loving memory of Mary Ann French, from the French family $250.00

In loving memory and praise of our families from Dick and Karen $50.00

In memory of Howard and Geneieve Cunningham from the Collins family $50.00

In memory of the deceased members of the Boucher, Devine and St. Pierre families from Gloria St. Pierre $100.00

In loving memory of our parents, Harris and Evelyn Mallory, and Roland and Lucille Chouinard. From Jim and Claudette Mallory $300.00

In loving memory of Edward and Dorothy Shea, Judy Shea, Andy Deselle and Jim O’Halloran from Barbara D. $75.00

Merry Christmas from Scott and Karen Taylor $500.00

In loving memory of my sisters, Alberta Bolduc, Yvonne Benoit and Flora Dane. Miss you and love you. From Lillian Trevena $25.00

In memory of Mary Mannon from John and Jenny Stephen and girls $250.00

In memory of loved ones, from the Halls $50.00

In loving memory of our parents at Christmas time from Russ and Fran Stearns $50.00

From Joe, Mary and Chris P...”Merry Christmas to all who may now enjoy the season” $100.00

From “Lee Baby” who loved the season, the kids and the gifts. So all may have a reason to smile $100.00

In memory of John Kallander who, as a “super sub,” impacted so many kids and faculty. From PGA $25.00

In memory of Matt P. We rejoice for the memories from years past, and smile from knowing you. From PGA $25.00

In loving memory of my husband, John A. Velosky, and my great-grandson, John A. Tanguay. From Terry $25.00

In loving memory of Ralph and Rick. Happy Holidays to everyone from the Compagna family $100.00

Happy Holidays from Joseph and Ann Nerden $50.00

In memory of Kim. Happy Holidays! From the Hartery’s $150.00

From Patricia Collins $50.00

In loving memory of Evelyn $50.00

In Memory of Mary Loughlin Demers, taken home in 2017. Dearly missed. Too young, too soon. $20.00

To help make Christmas a little merrier $50.00

In loving memory of Susanne and Mark Hebert. Love, Mom and Dad $50.00

In memory of Clint McMahon from his family $50.00

Wanting to help holiday cheer $50.00

Anonymous $200.00

Total to date $112,922.09