December 21, 2018

In thanks for many blessings $5,000.00

From Amber Properties $750.00

In loving memory of Scott and Christina. From Don, Connie, Wendy and Heidi $200.00

In loving memory of Millie Hogan, from her daughters Colleen & Holly. $250.00

Blessings at Christmas and in the New Year. From Bishop Paul & Karen Sobiechowski $100.00

To Joe from Nana and Bup $25.00

To Mark from Nana and Bup $25.00

From the Mehan Family $500.00

In memory of Lou (Lucille) Martineau, loving wife, fantastic mother, terrific memere, we love and miss you. From Bob, Kelley, Kacey, Kristy, and grandkids $50.00

From Patricia Hammond $25.00

In memory of Clay, the family’s 1st Christmas without you. From Mom and Mur $100.00

In loving memory of my husband, Phil Dandurand. From, Norma $25.00

From Don and Diane Chase in loving memory of Richard and Mary Chase and Ralph H Dorr $250.00

In memory of Dick Sullivan $10.00

Anonymous $25.00

In memory of Nina. Happy Holidays! $200.00

Happy Holidays! $30.00

A gift to those in need, in memory of our parents: Bob and Margaret Hazelton; Hank and Nessie Clayton $500.00

Total to date $150,056.09