Santa Fund donor photo - Bonneville and Son

Edward A. Bonneville, owner and president of Bonneville and Son, presents the dealership’s Santa Fund donation to Stephanie Baxter, Union Leader community relations and events manager.

December 19, 2018

From Bonneville and Son $1,000.00

In memory of Ma (Kay A.) from Ollie the Elf $50.00

Merry Christmas! From Keith and Marcia $100.00

Merry Christmas from the Hill, Carmody & Cullen family. $200.00

In loving memory of our parents, Don and Vie Girard, Dick Trippiedi & Charlotte Paris. Joel and Jan $25.00

In loving memory of Honorata Kowalewski and Alnora Dickson, to help others enjoy Christmas. From, Leonard and Carolyn Dickson $350.00

In loving memory of my late brothers, Don, Sr., and Bob (The Big Kahuna) Dickson. Love you and miss you. Lenny and Carolyn $200.00

In loving memory of Jane E. Plante, Merry Christmas in Heaven. Love, Janice & Artie $25.00

In loving memory of our Memere. Love, Dana and Cory Laflamme $15.00

Happy Holidays to all! From Mary and Mike $50.00

In memory of our 1st granddaughter, Parker Isabelle Pichette (PiP) $200.00

In loving memory of both our parents $50.00

In loving memory of Carol Boucher, the love of my life. From her husband, Red $100.00

In lieu of Christmas cards $50.00

In loving memory of my nephew, Rick Labrie, and my sister, Elaine Roland. From Pauline E. Lavoie $100.00

In memory of my husband, Joe. Miss you, Sheila $50.00

In memory of my parents, Leonard and Christine Harwood. From Theresa Harwood $100.00

In memory of Jane Davis, from Theresa Harwood $25.00

In loving memory of Eric Palangas. From the Palangas family $100.00

In memory of Louie and Sally, and Al and Peg $50.00

Greetings from Belleview, Florida! From Pat and Lenny $50.00

In memory of Madeline and John Evans. We miss you. From Jack and Dotty Evans $25.00

In memory of Lily and Tony $100.00

Anonymous $50.00

In loving memory of my husband, Ben Roy, and my son, Stephen B. Roy, who so loved Christmas. Always with me! From, Gloria Roy $100.00

God put us here, if possible, to help folks in need. Merry Christmas $200.00

For Mom, miss you every day! From the Parkers $50.00

In memory of Lynne Hartshorn, Ben Lynn, and Louise and Tom Kolbe. From Alpha Preceptor Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi $200.00

In loving memory of Gregory K. Hudson, from his mom and dad $25.00

Merry Christmas! $118.00

Anonymous $25.00

In loving memory of my dad, John Valavane, and my departed Newfies, from Joanne $100.00

In loving memory of Jeanne L. Boucher $100.00

Merry Christmas, from the Cotnoir Family Reunion $120.00

In loving memory of Frank Swierz, Sr. and Al and Fran Ullrich. From Frank and Ginger Swierz $50.00

Merry Christmas! From the O’Brien family $100.00

In loving memory of my departed husband; son and grandson. From Elaine Clifford $50.00

In memory of Mary Fleming, Dan Fleming and Tom Fleming Sr. $30.00

Merry Christmas! $30.00

In loving memory of my husband Randy Helie. I miss you so much each and every day. Love, Pat $50.00

Total to date $135,545.09