Today's Santa Fund donor list

Edward Bonneville of Bonneville and Son Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Manchester presents a donation to Shannon Sullivan of the New Hampshire Union Leader. Donor: Bonneville and Son/Bonneville and Son Pre-Owned Car & Truck Center. Donation: $1,000. How funds were raised: Bonneville donated money for each car sold at the Pre-Owned Car & Truck Center in December. Reason for giving: Bonneville Family tradition to give back to the community.

December 22, 2017

In memory of Mumsy and Dad $3,000.00

We believe! From the Giz kids $500.00

In memory of our parents from Pat and Don $200.00

In loving memory of Kim. Merry Christmas from Donna and Andy Hartery $150.00

In memory of Nana Kay A. from Ollie the Elf $100.00

Merry Christmas from Domino Six $100.00

Hope this helps to put smiles on the kids’ faces. From Marsha Neubert $75.00

Merry Christmas to my grandsons, Erik, Max and Jakob Radermarcher, whom I miss and love. From Grandma JoJo Dufort $100.00

In memory of Page Acree and Page Paul Acree $100.00

Merry Christmas from James and Sandra Adams $100.00

Remembering our dear friend, Ed Bednarowski. From Rick Loeffler $100.00

In memory of Mom, Dad, Paul, Lorraine and Stan from Mark and Linda $100.00

In loving memory of our wonderful mother, Mildred Long Herlihy, from Pat, Kitty and Bonnie $50.00

With gratitude for our grandchildren, Kolby, Finn, Graham, Emerson and Beckett. From Red and Elaine Robidas $50.00

From the 11th Annual JTA Get-Together $40.00

In memory of Steven Florek, Frank Holleran and Jean (John) Desrochers from Kathy C. and family $30.00

In loving memory of our wonderful sister, Kathleen (Kitty Herlihy) Commerford. Love, Pat and Bonnie $50.00

In memory of Eric Palangas from the Palangas Family $100.00

In honor of my son who passed away at 56 years old. From Connie Poissant $100.00

Happy Holidays! $30.00

In memory of deceased loved ones $50.00

Celebrating Milo! $100.00

In loving memory of: Mary E., Martin P., John F. and Kay Moran and Francis J. and Lelia M. Donahue. From Ellen and Richard Moran $100.00

In loving memory of our family, friends and pets from Bill and HB $50.00

Wishing a Merry Christmas to my grandchildren, Alyssa, Brenna, Matthew and Dave, from John Terkow $100.00

Anonymous in Bedford $50.00

Remembering Mary and Bill Bouthiette from Ann and Brian $25.00

In memory of a great friend and golfing buddy, Randy Cameron, from David $100.00

In loving memory of my parents, Eddie and Cellie Ameen. Merry Christmas from Deb $50.00

In memory of Virginia Knight $50.00

In memory of Virginia, Mary and Bill from the Skeffington sisters $50.00

In memory of Robert Charest from his family $50.00

In memory of Ted Zapora; B-17 pilot, father, grandfather and true American hero $100.00

In loving memory of the Moran, Mullen, Armstrong and Donahue families from Richard and Ellen Moran $100.00

In loving memory of Tinker Trothier, Felicia, Ashley, Shadow, Misty, Ben “Handsome” and Mickey Moran from Mommy and Daddy Moran $50.00

In memory of Clint McMahon from his family $50.00

In loving memory of my parents and sister $100.00

In memory of Bill Barrett. Love you and miss you from Barb $50.00

In memory of our loving parents, John, Elizabeth, Mary and Peter. From John and Marion Kruse $50.00

In memory of our parents, Alphee and Rolande Lachance and Ernest and Aline Dufour. From Don and Norma Lachance $100.00

From all the animals that give so much and ask for so little $100.00

In loving memory of our beloved son, Steven, and his friend, Jay. We love you, and miss you so much. From Albert and Evelyn Gionet $25.00

Today’s Total $6,575.00

Previous Total $158,744.16

Total to Date $165,319.16