Today's Santa Fund donor list

From left , Arthur Sullivan, of Brady Sullivan Properties; Sinea Juneau, corporate recruiter; and Kevin McLaughlin, chief operating officer, present a donation to Shannon Sullivan of the Union Leader Donor: Brady Sullivan Properties, LLC Donation: $5,000 How Funds were raised: Corporate fundraising Reason for giving: To send kindness to those in need in our community.

December 21, 2017

From Brady Sullivan Properties, LLC<CHARENTITY>8</CHARENTITY>$5,000.00

Helping The Salvation Army help others $1,000.00

Anonymous $1,000.00

Merry Christmas from Scott and Karen Taylor $500.00

From Financial Strategies Retirement Partners $500.00

In loving memory of our dear friends, Marlene Murphy, Irene “B.I” Kilmer and Fay Walsh. Never forgotten and sadly missed. From “The Girls” $475.00

Merry Christmas from Mark, Tracey and Taylor $250.00

In memory of Dottie Provost from her husband, Paul $250.00

In loving memory of our parents, Roland and Lucille Chouinard and Harris and Evelyn Mallory. From the Mallory Family $200.00

For our men and women in uniform and to those less fortunate. From Denise and Stuart Harnden $150.00

In memory of loved ones from the Dawson Family $100.00

In memory of Tony and Gerry DesRochers from their family $100.00

In loving memory of our three Golden’s, Elsa, Sasha and Oliver. From Mom and Dad $100.00

In memory of Susan Leach from Amy Ats $100.00

In memory of Dad and Mom, Ed and Jean Moulton. With love, Bob and Sherry $50.00

In memory of George W., Lucille G., Rita M. Provencher and Vic Deblois. Merry Christmas! From Donald Provencher $100.00

In memory of our son, James. Forever in our hearts. From Denise and Stuart Harnden $150.00

Thankful for our grandchildren, Jacky, Abby, Gwen and Morgan. Merry Christmas from George and Diane Proulx $50.00

In memory of my husband, George, and my daughter, Rita, from Marguerite $100.00

In memory of Bob, Dad, Nana, Gram, Grampa, Grampa Ferg, Jim, Gail, Mattie and Diane from Lois and Craig $100.00

In loving memory of Thomas and Mary Norton from Brian and Sandra Norton $100.00

In memory of Mom, Sue Bagley. With love, Sherry and Bob $50.00

In memory of my mom and dad, Jean and Ed Moulton. Love, Ellen $25.00

Please, Lord, bless all your precious children. Thank you! From Papa, Mimi and Ava $30.00

Anonymous $50.00

In memory of our parents, Howard and Genevieve Cunningham. From the Collins Family $50.00

In loving memory of our daughter, Kimberly Herod, our precious angel. Love, Mom and Dad $50.00

In loving memory of my wife, Mary Pawlowski. From Jim $30.00

In loving memory of grandparents, Joe and Elva Pawlowski. From the grandchildren $25.00

In memory of all our deceased members from the Massabesic Senior Citizens Club $25.00

Anonymous $50.00

In memory of my husband, Larry Deshaies, and my parents, Charles and Flore Leclerc. From Madeleine Deshaies $25.00

In loving memory of Paul Swain and Jack Bales from Brian and Sandra Norton and Joann Bales $100.00

In loving memory of our parents, Joe and Anne Gladysz and Paul and Margaret Wilmot. Missing you. Love, Rob and Cathi $100.00

From Betterforms & Printed Products $100.00

In loving memory of Wallace C. Poirier. Merry Christmas from the Puchacz, Catmur and Bradley families $50.00

In loving memory of our wonderful parents, Raymond and Gladys Woodward and Ben and Doris McDonald. From Sam and Marilyn McDonald $25.00

In memory of Francis T. and Agnes P. Fanning $100.00

Merry Christmas from the Dion Family $100.00

In honor of Erin, Adam, Ryan and all other active duty military personnel. From Kenneth Peterson <CHARENTITY>8</CHARENTITY>$123.45

From Jennifer Thornton $25.00

Today’s Total $11,508.45

Previous Total $147,235.71

Total to Date $158,744.16