December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas to all! $2,000.00

The Salvation Army is truly a great charitable organization. Please donate. They do amazing work helping those in need! From Joseph Kelly Levasseur $1,000.00

From the Mehan Family $500.00

For the kids and families in memory of Susan. Gone but not forgotten. From Dan, Ryan and Dewey $500.00

From Kevin Madden $350.00

Ho, Ho, Ho! From Evan, Mitchell and Grady $300.00

From the kids of St. Joe's Jr. High School $276.00

In memory of Margaret Lavoie, a great friend for almost 50 years! $200.00

In loving memory of Lois Daneau and Edward Desmond from Bill, Annette, Kara Leigh, and Collin $200.00

In loving memory of Mom and Dad. God bless. $200.00

Peace $200.00

From D.C.C Women's Bowling League $200.00

Happy Holidays! From Bay Street Family Dental $200.00

In loving memory of our beautiful granddaughter, Parker I. Pichette $200.00

In loving memory of my son, Christos Kalaitzidis; husband, Bill Barber; in-laws, Loretta and Ray Toledo; and Ifegenia Kalaitzidis. Love and miss you, Toula $100.00

In lieu of Christmas cards. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all my friends. From Toula Barber $50.00

In memory of Emile and Marie Durette from Michael Cote $50.00

The news never stops and neither does UL's nightside. Love you guys! From Sherry $100.00

In memory of the Walsh and Duquette families from Rich and Priscilla $50.00

Thanks to the person who kindly returned my lost credit card at the Goffs Falls Post Office. From RW $25.00

In grateful appreciation of our beautiful grandchildren, Lilliana and Eoin. Love Kata G $100.00

In loving memory of our parents, Bill and Maddy Bernard and John and Annabell Gott. Merry Christmas! Love, Hazel and Willie Gott $100.00

For Al and Julia Dudek and their son, Peter Dudek. Dearly loved. Always missed. Never forgotten. From the Dudek Family $50.00

In loving memory of Jeanne, Cecile, Bertrand Gagnon and Beverlee Waterhouse $100.00

Happy memories of Jim Gott. Merry Christmas! Love, Willie and Hazel $25.00

In loving memory of our departed parents from KJR and FJR $20.00

Wishing a very Merry NH Christmas! From Shari Litch Gray and Michael Gray $25.00

From Julie Neverman $25.00

In loving memory of Grammy and Grampy Ski and Grampy Soucy. Love, Leo $25.00

In memory of Mom (Janet) and Ernie Bouchard. Miss you every day! Tom misses his golf partner. From Tom and Deb Grant $25.00

In memory of our parents $100.00

Merry Christmas, Ashley and Ryan! $50.00

In memory of my parents, Leonard and Christine Harwood. From Theresa Harwood $100.00

In memory of my husband, Roy, and brother, Howard. We love and miss you. From Verda and family $50.00

Happy Memories of Adam Curtis! Love, Hazel and Willie Gott $25.00

In memory of Gerry Baker for Gerry and Roxy Baker's many years of hosting Christmas! From Stan and Sue Bodner $50.00

In memory of Arthur and Irene Levasseur from their son, George $25.00

In loving memory of "Sonny" Mulroy from his family - Barb, Kelly, Kerry and Chelsea $75.00

In loving memory of Mary Campbell and Catherine Ayotte from Robin and John $50.00

Remembering with love, Mom, Dad and B.R. You live forever in our hearts from Gail and Dave $100.00

In memory of George and Pauline Grant. Love, Tom and Deb $25.00

In memory of my loving wife, Claire Remillard, and my two sons, Roger and Robert. I miss all of you. Love, Roland $100.00

In loving memory of Jerry and Doris, Dorothy and Roland, Marie and Rock, Gen and Kenny, and Marilyn. $25.00

Today's Total $7,971.00

Previous Total $165,319.16

Total to Date $173,290.16