KEENE — The architect who designed Keene’s ice arena is getting paid, after a jury ruled that he is owed more than $144,000 for the work he did on the project.

Daniel Scully brought a lawsuit against Keene Ice Center Enterprises, the nonprofit that operates the ice rink, saying they refused to pay him for all of his and his firm’s work on the project. Keene Ice maintained it did pay Scully, and implied he was trying to double-dip.

The jury returned the verdict after the two-day trial in the Cheshire Superior Court.

According to testimony in the trial, Scully signed a contract for the ice arena job in July of 2013. That contract’s deadline of Oct. 15, 2014, presumed the arena would be completed in the fall of 2014. Scully testified that he and the members of his firm worked straight through after signing the contract to be ready for a 2014 construction start on the ice arena.

Under the contract, if the construction stretched past Oct. 15 and his services were still needed, Scully was entitled to hourly fees for his work. The construction on the arena did not start until the spring of 2015, and was not completed until 2016.

Scully testified that the construction on the ice rink got delayed as Keene Ice leadership asked for major changes in the project, including changing the heating system, adding height to the ceiling, and changing the ice floor from sand to concrete. Keene Ice also needed more time to raise the funds for the project, Scully said.

The ice arena, next to the new Keene Police Station on Marlborough Street, was initially estimated to cost $3.5 million when Scully first came aboard. The final cost of the project was approximately $7 million.