Exeter parks and recreationi facility

Courtesy Exeter voters will consider a proposed $10.85 million redevelopment of its parks and recreation facility on Hampton Road.

EXETER — The select board has trimmed nearly $2 million from the price tag for a proposed recreation park redevelopment project.

The plan, which was proposed to cost $12.7 million, now stands at $10.85 million after select board member Niko Papakonstantis suggested cutting some features that he said are “not vital to the initial stages of this project.”

The cost was reduced by eliminating an extra soccer field, an outdoor walking track, a parking lot on Wayside Drive and Fuller Lane and other features inside, Papakonstantis said when he proposed the change at a public hearing last week.

The select board voted 3 to 2 to recommend voters in March approve the project, which calls for the construction of a 26,000-square-foot facility that would expand the existing recreation center at 4 Hampton Road.

Under the plan, the recreation department’s second building on Court Street, which houses administrative offices and offers some programming, would be moved to the new facility, which has been described as a multigenerational community center meeting the needs of all residents from infants to seniors.

Planet Playground, which is located at the Hampton Road facility, also would be replaced with a new playground that would comply with rules under the Americans with Disabilities Act and be more “inclusive” of all children, according to Greg Bisson, the town’s parks and recreation director.

The project is among the proposed warrant articles up for debate at the town’s deliberative session to be held Saturday, Feb. 1, beginning at 9 a.m. at Exeter High School.

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