Rindge police vandalism

Last year, a juvenile vandal poured pancake syrup onto a Rindge police cruiser, and got caught on video. This year, vandals shot at the cruisers and the station building with paintballs.

RINDGE — Vandals targeted Rindge police over the weekend in a paintball attack, part of a local tradition that has Police Chief Daniel Anair losing patience.

“Have to say it yet once again, pretty disappointed in this behavior,” Anair said in a social media report on the vandalism.

Anair could not be reached for comment Monday, but he reported that the police department was targeted over the weekend, with paintballs hitting police cruisers, the station building, and officer’s personal cars.

The vandals even left a message for individual police officers, Anair writes.

“A ‘Personal’ message for a few officers, which I cannot share due to the vulgarity in it,” Anair writes.

Rindge has a problem with vandalism. The town’s welcome signs were destroyed in recent months, and police say the local youth are known to cause damage every year in October as part of a prank night tradition Anair has said he’d like to see end.

Last year, the vandalism took the form of toilet paper strewn all over the town common, garbage cans emptied into the street, and at least two fires set in the middle of the road. One of the items set on fire was a sofa.

While that mayhem was occurring, one young vandal made his way onto the police station property and poured a bottle of pancake syrup over one of the cruisers.

The syrup suspect was caught on video, and later identified by police.

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