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Derry police look on as a dog is coaxed back into his Martin Street apartment by firefighters.

DERRY — A light-colored husky mix was found wandering around the narrow porch roof of an apartment building Saturday morning, and he apparently got there all on his own.

Police first got the call about a dog pacing on the slightly pitched porch roof at 4 Martin St. and called the fire department around 11:58 a.m.

Derry Fire Battalion Chief Scott Haggart said when an engine company arrived, firefighters entered the building, and secured the pioneering dog, who came to greet them through the open window. The dog’s owners were not home at the time.

The firefighters secured the animal in his kennel and were about to pack up and leave when police watching from outside called in a new development: The dog was outside on the roof — again.

“The dog made it back out on the roof before the guys made it out of the apartment building,” Haggart said.

It didn’t take long for rescue crews to figure out what happened.

“The dog is able to open his own kennel and open the window,” Haggart said.

It apparently pushed the window screen out, and lifted the double hung window with his nose, according to Haggart. The dog seemed to be after a little fresh air, he mused.

“He must have cabin fever just like the rest of us,” Haggart said.

Police and fire did not know the name of the freedom-craving canine, but police spoke with the owners.

Before clearing the scene at 12:07 p.m., Haggart said fire crews made sure to lock the window and make the kennel more secure.


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