After the New Hampshire Association of Assessing Officials reprimanded a city assessor for an ethical violation, another complaint has been filed against him.

Cheryl Walley, who resigned as the coordinator of the city’s assessing department last fall, filed a complaint with the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration and NHAAO alleging misconduct by city assessor Greg Turgiss.

Walley says that Turgiss should have recused himself from handling any paperwork associated with the 2019 abatement for her home on Briarcliff Drive.

In Walley’s complaint, she states there is an appearance of conflict or impropriety, which she believes constitutes an ethics violation.

In her complaint, Walley, who began working for the city in 2001 as the department coordinator, wrote that she was involved in identifying alleged mileage reimbursement fraud by Turgiss, as well as issues with work product and mishandled abatements.

“Greg Turgiss had every reason to hate me and should have no involvement with my abatement,” Walley wrote in her complaint.

After a seven-month investigation, Nashua police in January concluded there was no criminal wrongdoing by the city’s assessing department.

Kim Kleiner, administrative services director for the city, said a complaint against an assessor is confidential while under investigation.

“A lawyer in the city’s office of corporation counsel who is free of any conflict has been handling the matter,” Kleiner said. “Greg Turgiss has not been involved with the abatement appeal.”

Kleiner said Walley’s complaint contains many inaccurate statements.

Walley has been contesting her property assessment of $297,300 and asked in her abatement that it be lowered by $15,000. Although a tentative settlement of $282,000 was reached in February with a city attorney, her appeal has yet to be resolved, she said.

Last month, the NHAAO Ethics Committee ruled that Turgiss violated the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct when he reviewed the work of his brother, Gary Turgiss, another Nashua assessor.

Greg Turgiss received a reprimand and was ordered to complete an ethics course within a year. He did not return a request for comment on Tuesday.

“The city endeavors to deliver the highest standard of government service in all areas, specifically including assessing. Over the last year, many changes have occurred in the department which should resolve these past issues and ensure a higher level of service going forward,” Kleiner said earlier.

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