Cat shot


Batman the cat is still recovering from being shot last week, and his owner, Andrea Lake hopes he can come home soon. He is seen in a video Lake posted to social media still dragging his back, right leg.

KEENE — He may not be the Caped Crusader, but Batman the cat survived a close call worthy of the Dark Knight when he was shot last week, said his owner, Andrea Lake.

Lake said Batman showed up in her yard obviously injured last week, dragging his hind legs.

“I thought he was hit by a car,” Lake said.

Once she got the cat to the Monadnock Animal Hospital, the veterinarian found what looked like two pellets, or possible small bullets, in the cat’s hindquarters, she said.

“I was told it was probably a pellet, or possibly a .22,” she said. “It’s small.”

Lake was at her Elm Street home on Wednesday last week when a woman came to her door, asking if she owned a black cat. Lake said the woman saw the cat, who turned out to be Batman, dragging himself into her yard.

The woman and Lake searched her yard and found the cat under a bush, Lake said.

“I was freaking out,” she said.

Batman is a 4-year-old family pet who was born in Lake’s home. The family rescued Batman’s mother when she was pregnant, and he was one in the litter she birthed.

“He’s been with us from the beginning,” Lake said.

Lake said she reported the incident to Keene police, and gave a statement about the incident. She did not get the name of the woman who stopped, but hopes she sees the press coverage and comes forward with any additional information.

Keene police did not respond to requests for comment on the incident.

Lake’s home is close to the Elm Street Elementary School, a fact that she finds unnerving. Batman was likely close to home, and close to the school, when he was shot, she said.

The cat is continuing his recovery at the animal hospital, Lake said. He is starting to use his left leg again, though his right leg still seems to be unresponsive. The cat is likely dealing with nerve damage from being shot, she said, and he is under observation for possible kidney damage. The outlook is good, though, and the report from the veterinarian on Tuesday was hopeful, she said.

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