Seabrook Station

SEABROOK — NextEra Energy is expected to receive a 20-year license extension from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for its Seabrook power plant.

On Friday, legal counsel for the commission filed paperwork with the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board saying that a renewed facility operating license will be issued on or about Jan. 30.

NextEra’s initial 40-year operating license runs from 1990 to 2030. According to the company’s website, license renewal approval now will allow for the best possible long-term planning of maintenance activities and expenditure of funds for new equipment and systems.

NextEra applied for the license extension in 2012. In a separate license amendment request, the company outlined its plans to address alkali-silica reaction which resulted in concrete degradation on walls at the plant.

Peter Robbins is the director of nuclear communications for NextEra. He said the Seabrook facility is one of the top-rated power plants in the country.

“Seabrook is a regional asset. It produces clean, reliable and low-cost electricity for New England,” Robbins said.

It is estimated the power generated at the plant provides power for 1.4 million homes and businesses.

Robbins said studies show its economic impact to the region is about $550 million.

“The plant provides good jobs at good wages for hundreds of people in the area,” Robbins said.

Robbins said every 18 months when the facility is refueled about 1,000 people are brought into the area for a six-week period to complete the work. That also contributes to the local economy in Seabrook and surrounding communities, he said.

In addition to providing nuclear power, NextEra Energy works with wind, solar and natural gas.

They have nearly 200 operating assets in 32 states and four provinces in Canada.