MANCHESTER — A Monday morning passenger flight to Charlotte, N.C., was sidelined and eventually canceled when a passenger underwent a “medical emergency” once the flight departed the terminal, officials said.

Londonderry police Capt. Patrick Cheetham said Wednesday that passenger Lisa Greeley, 59, of Kensington, had died. 

American Airlines jets

Jets from American Airlines are shown in this file photo.

A passenger who asked not to be named said the woman slumped forward, and two passengers attended to her. The 70-passenger flight was eventually cancelled.

He said emergency rescue workers boarded the plane and tried to work on her. Later, the pilot went on the intercom and urged passengers to pray for the woman and her family.

According to American Airlines, the plane had departed the gate and was taxiing for departure when the passenger became ill. Five minutes lapsed between the time of the departure and the return, he said.

“We want to thank our crew, two medical professionals who were onboard the aircraft and the first responders as well,” said American Airlines spokesman Ross Feinstein.

According to the Londonderry Fire Department, its Medic One ambulance met the airplane on the tarmac, and a mobile stairway was used to carry the passenger off the plane to the ambulance.

The crew reached the passenger at 8:14 a.m., and delivered her to Catholic Medical Center at 8:54 a.m., said Battalion Chief Kevin Zins.

Deputy Airport Director Tom Malafronte said the 70 passengers were accommodated on later flights out of both Manchester and Boston.

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