HILLSBOROUGH — As the search for a missing Hillsborough woman heads into its second week, investigators are requesting the public’s assistance.

Linda Minery, 53, of Hillsborough was first reported missing on April 7 after she left home at roughly 2:30 a.m. without telling her 78-year-old mother where she was going.

Minery left her car in the driveway and took off on a bicycle in the area of Henniker Street, police say.

Minery, described by relatives as an outdoor enthusiast, had left home on previous occasions for hiking trips, but never without leaving word of where she was going or when she would be back.

“She would say ‘I will be back,’ said Minery’s sister Wanda McKeage. “She always said ‘I will be back.’ Where she went, we didn’t know. This time she did not say she’d be back and she left at two-thirty in the morning.”

On the day that she was reported missing, police conducted a search and rescue mission in Fox Forest, a hiking location Minery reportedly frequented, and checked with area hospitals and bus stations.

After learning that Minery met with Realtors in Maine on April 1 about buying property, authorities also sent out a bulletin to Realtors in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

Police say they will be alerted if Minery attempts to rent a room or purchase property, but Minery does not use credit or debit cards, which severely limits their ability to locate her.

Police say Minery sometimes carried a prepaid cell phone, but that it would be “next to impossible” to locate her without the FCC ID tracking information.

Hillsborough Police Sgt. Mark Philibert says the department has so far received no leads or tips on Minery’s whereabouts.

Wanda and Brandon McKeage say Minery is an active and happy person with a concern with her personal privacy. Minery communicates only in writing, with Brandon stating that she may be reluctant to engage with anyone who locates her.

“She’s probably not going to be very talkative — she pretty much stays to herself,” he said.

Wanda McKeage says Minery’s disappearance has put great strain on the family, including the pair’s elderly mother, who was the last one to see Minery before she went missing.

“We ask her to please contact us and we will come get her,” she said of Minery. “We just want her home.”

Those with information about Minery’s whereabouts should call the Hillsborough Police Department at 464-5512.