American flag

WEARE — Anyone in town without an American flag to display on patriotic holidays is now in luck.

Weare Flags Fly, a project of the South Weare Improvement Society, seeks to increase patriotism in town on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day by offering to install temporary flags for local residents on those holidays.

The idea came from the Hopkinton Rotary Club, which had taken the idea from a Rotary Club in Texas.

The initiative in Hopkinton, Flags are Flying Over Hopkinton, has more than quadrupled since it began in 2012. Now groups in Bow and Concord, in addition to Weare, are also looking at creating similar flag programs.

“I think they’re that much more impressive because they’re not up all the time,” said Hopkinton Town Administrator Neal Cass of the flags. “These are all flags that look alike, they’re right next to mailboxes. If you drive around town, you just cannot miss them.”

Rad Betts of the South Weare Improvement Society says reactions to the project have been enthusiastic during its first few months, and that there are over two dozen participants in the program.

“Everybody that’s signed up so far has been enthusiastic. We’re a little bit in awe of it, actually,” he said. “We love our country and we find a lot of people do.”

Weare Flags Fly is following closely to Hopkinton’s blueprint, offering residents a 3-by-5-foot flag with a 10-foot pole that is installed shortly before the holidays and removed shortly afterward. However, Betts says the flags are also available for use during other times and the effort may expand from Hopkinton’s example as time goes on.

Flags are $50, and $35 for senior citizens, with all proceeds going to the South Weare Improvement Society. Anyone interested in flags can contact Curt and Sheila Lindh at 603-529-7282 or by email at


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