Daniel Webster College buyer

The former Daniel Webster College property in Nashua sits vacant after it was acquired.

NASHUA — Eight months after a lien was placed against the former Daniel Webster College property, the new owners are now fully up to date with their property taxes.

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Xinhua Education Consulting had to pay thousands of dollars in interest after failing to pay its 2018 tax bills for the 53-acre campus at 20 University Drive.

“They paid $18,000 in interest,” David Fredette, the city’s tax collector, said on Monday.

According to Fredette, the education firm, which acquired the former college campus more than two years ago, did not pay its July or December tax bill in 2018.

A lien was placed against the property in April of this year, said Fredette.

At the end of June, the new owners paid $584,689.67 in back taxes, which included $18,159.06 in interest, according to city tax records.

“It is a pretty expensive property. That is a lot of money,” acknowledged Fredette.

On July 1, an additional $369,943.76 was paid for the first portion of this year’s property taxes. The site is currently assessed at $36 million.

As of Monday, Xinhua Education Consulting was fully compliant with its property taxes for the Nashua parcel, which still remains vacant. The second tax payment for this year, in the amount of $389,129.90, is due on Dec. 17, said Fredette, adding the company still has a week to pay that bill.

In the fall of 2017, Sui Liu, who is associated with an undisclosed Chinese university, was the top bidder at a bankruptcy auction for the majority of the 53-acre property in Nashua; Liu paid $11.6 million for the site.

Property records now indicate that Liu’s Xinhua Education Consulting firm of Vienna, Va., is the owner on record for the site.

Liu and his Virginia-based attorney have repeatedly refused to comment on the future of the large parcel.

“Normally, we don’t have empty, expensive buildings like that just sitting around,” said Fredette, adding it is rare to have such a high-dollar property on the tax rolls and still unoccupied after two years.

Aside from the undisclosed Chinese university’s acquisition of the former Daniel Webster College site, Judge James Carr of the Indiana Southern Bankruptcy Court previously approved Southern New Hampshire University’s $410,000 acquisition of the aviation structures housed on the property, including its flight center, hangar and tower.

Air Direct Airways Flight Academy, which operates at the Nashua Airport on Perimeter Road, has since partnered with SNHU to create a new program for the school’s growing aviation and engineering divisions.

Liu had his attorney attempt to register the Daniel Webster College or Daniel Webster University trade name with the New Hampshire Secretary of State last year, however the request was rejected.

The buyer’s attorney, David Lu, said earlier that his client intends to restore the college and reopen it, but would not provide any additional details.

Lu and Liu founded Xinhua Education Consulting Corp. in New Hampshire, which is affiliated with Xinhua Education Investment Corp. — a group that also purchased the former St. Paul’s College in Richmond, Va., in the fall of 2017.

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