A young Manchester man who survived a fireball caused by a head-on crash has started to do simple tasks such as brush his teeth and was moved to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital this week, his mother said on social media.

“Starting to get the personality back,” said Jessica Mathieu Lachance on her Facebook page, where she has reported on her son Sam Lachance ever since his Jan. 27 collision on Route 101 in Dublin.

The post Thursday included a “Facebook approved” picture of Sam, who is staring at the camera while a breathing tube is taped to his nose.

Earlier this week, national and Boston broadcast stations aired the unedited footage of the crash, taken from a dash-cam in a vehicle following Lachance’s Jeep. The video shows the Jeep drifting into the oncoming lane and striking an 18-wheeler.

A frame-filling fireball ensues.

His mother has posted updates that includes his condition: traumatic brain injury that involves a Diffuse Axonal Injury, otherwise known as “shearing brain,” as well as a Grade 2 tear in his carotid artery.

His recovery will be long, his mother said, and he was moved to Spaulding on Wednesday. Sam can do simple things like brush his teeth. But he has also awoken in a panic and screaming, she posted.

“After an amazing day where Sam passed tests left and right, he out of nowhere became terrified and screamed out at the top of his lungs “why...why...,” “I’m scared” and “it hurts,’” she posted early Wednesday morning.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family and had raised $3,600 as of Thursday morning.