The NFL is investigating a report of a laser beam flashed in Tom Brady's face during crunch time of Sunday night's thrilling AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium.

The green-tinted dot flickered menacingly off Brady's upper body and face multiple times in the pivotal fourth quarter, video clips tweeted by a reporter from KMBC show.

Brian McCarthy, NFL vice president of communications, told the Herald the league is "looking into the report of the laser beam" and NFL security is taking the lead.

"It didn't affect the game, as far as we know," McCarthy added.

A Patriots spokesman said the team had "no comment," but they are aware of the report.

Police in Kansas City said no official complaint has been filed, but they will jump on it if a police report is submitted.

"We've had some issues of lasers around the airport, but not at the stadium," said Sgt. Jacob Becchina, spokesman for the K.C. police department who added he was at the game as a fan. "We will investigate, though, if we receive a police report."

Sunday night's AFC title tilt was under league control, so it's up to the NFL to make the next move. All eyes are now shifting to the Feb. 3 Super Bowl in Atlanta between the Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, but NFL officials signaled the laser beam threat will be examined.

KMBC reporter William Joy went on Twitter Monday to break the news that a photographer at the station "caught someone pointing what appears to be a laser pointer in Tom Brady's face (during the) Play between the 'muff' that wasn't and Sorensen int." In that clip, the laser beam dances all around Brady just before he hands the ball to running back Sony Michel.

The "muff" the reporter is alluding to was a punt by the Chiefs that Julian Edelman of the Patriots let slip by untouched in the fourth quarter. It was a controversial call the Patriots won on appeal.

The interception by the Chiefs' Daniel Sorensen was another key play that occurred at what appears to be at the height of the laser beam assault on Brady. That same dangerous beam of light was spotted during a key completion by Brady to wide receiver Chris Hogan and during a critical pass to Patriots star tight end Rob Gronkowski.

The laser attack was not picked up by the CBS television crew. But the KMBC clips show the laser beam was flashing around Brady's face when the game was on the line.

A laser beam can cause irreversible injury, especially if pointed at someone's eyes. The Federal Aviation Administration has put out numerous warnings about pilots temporarily blinded by laser beams.

As for the game, the Patriots won 37 to 31 in overtime — beam or no beam.