LONDONDERRY — Hundreds turned out to a town hall event at Mack’s Apples in Londonderry on Friday to see California Sen. Kamala Harris, who spoke about being optimistic for the future and her willingness to fight to see her optimistic vision come to fruition.

Speaking outdoors on a stage set up on the orchard property, Harris said anything about the United States that people are proud about today didn’t come to be without a good fight. And she said she was ready for such a fight.

“We must successfully prosecute the case against four more years of Donald Trump, and I believe it will take a prosecutor to do it,” Harris said, referring to her background as a state attorney general. “And we got quite a rap sheet.”

Harris touted her plan to provide Americans with up to a $6,000 annual tax credit if they make under $100,000, which she called the most significant tax cut for the working class in generations. And she said she would pay for it, in part, by repealing President Trump’s tax reform act, which she said provided tax relief to the wealthiest Americans.

Other plans for passing gun regulations — or otherwise signing executive action for background checks and other measures — providing access to healthcare through her Medicaid-for-All proposal, and providing federal aid to supplement teacher incomes were discussed by the presidential hopeful.

Harris recently dropped in the polls after briefly enjoying double-digit numbers, but remains close to the top of a crowded field. According to the Real Clear Politics poll aggregator, she is in fourth place with 6.7 percent of likely Democratic voters supporting her.

Leading the Democratic pack are former Vice President Joe Biden, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

While some of the recent Democratic debates proved contentious, Harris spent her time in Londonderry talking about her policies for addressing economic disparity, climate change, gun violence, access to healthcare and racism, and she spared no criticisms of President Trump.

Harris said Trump betrayed a lot of people by not following through on many of his campaign promises, like making life better for working class Americans, and improving the nation’s infrastructure.

She called his rhetoric racist and xenophobic at times, which “fan the flames of hate,” and she said his tweets have provided the ammunition for recent hate crimes.

Harris called Trump’s plan for a wall on the Mexican border “his vanity project,” and said his trade policy was “created by a tweet, born out of a fragile ego,” and is hurting farmers.

She also criticized the President for taking the word of government leaders in Russia, Saudi Arabia and North Korea over that of U.S. intelligence agencies.

After wrapping up her speech, Harris took a handful of questions from the audience about her plans for climate change, rebalancing the judicial branch, and how she would address the fears people of color have been living with in recent years.

Just prior to the speaking event, Harris took a tour of the farmstand across the street and met with longtime orchard owner Andy Mack Sr., who explained his family history which stretches back to the town’s founding 300 years ago.

Harris was introduced by Derry Town Councilor Joshua Bourdon, who voiced his support of Harris, saying she is a model of strong female leadership for his daughter to look up to.