LITCHFIELD — A citizen-led effort has raised funds to beautify one of the town’s busiest intersections.

Plans are progressing to enhance the highly visible corner of Route 3A and Hillcrest Road, which serves as the unofficial entrance to the community.

“We are looking to clean up this intersection and make it a little more visually appealing,” said Jayson Brennen of Aldrich Street.

Brennen is spearheading the newest beautification project, and recently presented some preliminary plans to the Board of Selectmen.

Currently, there is a small planter and a small sign at the intersection, which Brennen said could be greatly enhanced with some volunteer efforts.

To create more curb appeal, he is proposing that a white vinyl split-rail fence be installed along the corner of the intersection. Aside from the fence, he is also recommending that a wayfinding sign be installed, pointing to specific locations in town such as the high school, town offices, local parks and safety complex.

“This would all be done by volunteers,” said Brennen. “There would be no cost to the town at all.”

Brennen, a former planning board member, previously jump-started a fundraising campaign for a town beautification fund by selling calendars — an effort that has now raised enough money for the beautification project to move forward.

There were some discussions about installing granite posts instead of vinyl fence posts, but Brennen said that may be too costly; the overall cost of the project will depend on the fencing materials used.

The vinyl fencing posts would cost about $80 a section, according to Brennen, who said the intersection will likely need about 15 to 17 sections.

“We need to, if we want to move forward, get approval from the (New Hampshire) Department of Transportation to allow us to do this stuff,” he explained to town officials. Town Administrator Troy Brown said he has already reached out to the DOT to start the initial discussions about the beautification project.

“As long as the DOT is good, I think it is wonderful,” Steven Webber, chairman of the Board of Selectmen, said of the initiative.

Brennen said many drivers often cut that corner when turning onto Hillcrest Road.

“It is an infamous cutoff,” he said, noting the new fencing would need to be set back from the roadway.

The existing planter will likely remain.

A second beautification project at the corner of Albuquerque Road and Route 3A is next in line for funds, according to Brennen, who hopes to have a separate wayfinding sign with plantings at that location as well.

“That would look very, very nice,” Selectman Brent Lemire said of the artist renderings.