CLAREMONT — The city council is set to meet behind closed doors on Saturday to interview four city manager candidates.

The council is meeting at the Claremont Savings Bank to interview the candidates, said Assistant Mayor Allen Damren. Damren said it is unlikely that any hiring will happen on Saturday.

“I don’t expect any final decision by the council on a city manager candidate, although I may get surprised,” he said.

So far, the four finalists have yet to be introduced to the public, though Damren said that may change.

“Public introductions and how to best do them so that the public is informed remain to be discussed by the council. The process has a way to go yet,” he said.

Damren’s a member of the nine-person city manager search committee that has recruited the candidates and sorted through applications.

Claremont has been without a permanent city manager since January, when the council voted to fire Ryan McNutt. McNutt had served a couple of years on his initial contract, but was forced out after repeatedly clashing with Mayor Charlene Lovett. McNutt described Lovett as a micromanager who tried to circumvent the city charter in order to attain more power for herself. Lovett has denied any impropriety.

John MacLean, former Keene city manager, has been serving as interim manager for Claremont since January.

The city paid McNutt about $55,000 in severance when he was fired.