NASHUA -- A new housing development is being proposed for a vacant piece of property off West Hollis Street.

The project, dubbed Applewood Estates, will be considered by the Nashua Planning Board on Thursday.

“The proposal is to construct seven detached, single family units owned as condominiums,” Scott McPhie, city planner, wrote in a staff report to the planning board.

According to the proposal on file at Nashua City Hall, the project at 1086 West Hollis St. includes a new roadway, Braeburn Drive, as well as a cul-de-sac. The 4-acre property is located on the south side of West Hollis Street near the Hollis town line.

“A playground will be added as an amenity on site,” McPhie wrote.

The seven condos would each contain a two-car garage, according to the plans.

City planners said the local zoning board was previously scheduled to review a separate application for a daycare center on the site, but that plan never came to fruition.

The property is currently owned by Michael and Julieann Atkins, and the applicant for the proposed Applewood Estates is Crimson Properties LLC, according to McPhie’s report.

The parcel has been on the market for more than 500 days, with an asking price of $495,000; according to online reports, the sale of the property is currently pending.

Crimson Properties is seeking a waiver to avoid construction of sidewalks. The applicant's engineer has offered to make a contribution of more than $11,000 in lieu of sidewalk construction.

Since no sidewalks currently exist within 250 feet of the site’s West Hollis Street frontage, McPhie said the project is eligible for a contribution in lieu of sidewalks, though he voiced concerns about the request.

“There is a significant need for sidewalks and pedestrian facilities throughout the city of Nashua, and West Hollis Street is on the sidewalk priority list,” he said.

The establishment of a homeowners' association would be required, according to the proposed plans.

The site plan will be reviewed by the planning board at 7 p.m. on Thursday at Nashua City Hall.

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