Broad Street Parkway in Nashua

The Broad Street Parkway in Nashua may soon be renamed the Veterans Memorial Parkway, according to a proposal being considered by the Board of Aldermen.

A proposal to change the name of the Broad Street Parkway to Veterans Memorial Parkway has the support of Nashua officials.

Last summer, the Division of Public Works launched a military recognition program that featured the photographs of 38 veterans on banners hung along the 1.8-mile parkway. The banners will be in place again this summer.

“I think the renaming of the parkway, in combination with this fantastic banner program, highlights the need to honor the people in this country that serve,” Lauren Byers, public relations administrator for the division of public works, said on Monday. “It is such a great way to honor them.”

The Broad Street Parkway opened to motorists in December 2015, and provides a second crossing over the Nashua River. The $80 million roadway was built to increase development opportunities in the heart of the city’s Millyard.

“It is important that we take this step forward to recognize our veterans,” Alderman Tom Lopez said recently of the proposed name change to Veterans Memorial Parkway. “I think it is a meaningful gesture.”

The proposal is expected to be approved by the Board of Aldermen in the coming weeks.

“It is nice to see the banners up on the parkway, and this would definitely enhance it further,” said Alderman Mike O’Brien.

Initially, aldermen talked about changing the name to Veterans Parkway, however fire officials were concerned it could be confused with Veterans Drive in Nashua.

Veterans Drive in Nashua will be changed to Independence Drive to ensure there is no confusion for first responders, according to the proposal being supported by Assistant Chief Steve Buxton of Nashua Fire-Rescue.

“We think this is the best compromise to move forward and to avoid any issues,” Buxton said.

He said signs with the new names would be placed to assist drivers.

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