Elizabeth Moreau


MANCHESTER — Alderman Elizabeth Moreau has informed city officials and her colleagues on the board she is resigning her Ward 6 seat, as she and her family sold their home and are moving to Ward 1.

Moreau’s resignation takes effect Oct. 16, according to a letter sent Monday to City Clerk Matt Normand and fellow aldermen.

“We listed and will (be) completing the sale of our current home within Ward 6 and will be moving to a home that better suits our expanding family’s needs,” writes Moreau. “Our new home is located within Ward 1 Manchester. It has been a pleasure being a part of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. I am so proud of being able to work with all of you and have learned a lot from my mentors (Alderman Shaw, Levasseur, Hirschmann and numerous others), and have gained valuable insight into the city legislative process from all on the board. I look forward to pursuing other opportunities in which to serve our city in the very near future.”

According to Normand, it is up to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen to decide how they want to proceed with filling an aldermanic vacancy — either holding a special election, or holding the vacancy over until the next regularly-scheduled municipal election, currently slated to take place in November 2021.

Recent history contains examples of both options. The board held the vacancy until the next election in 2009 when Alderman Kelleigh Murphy resigned her seat after moving to Bedford, and in 2001 when Ward 5 Alderman James Clancy died while in office.

A special election was held in 2017 for the Ward 6 seat — which Moreau won — after Alderman Nick Pappas resigned when he and his family sold their home and moved.

In her letter, Moreau asks fellow aldermen to consider holding a special election in the next several months “so that residents of Ward 6 will continue to have representation on important city matters.”

“After speaking with the city clerk it was made clear due to COVID cut backs and expenditures the city clerk’s budget does not currently have the funds needed to cover such a cost,” writes Moreau. “I would ask that the board consider moving funds from the rainy day or general fund to ensure this can happen.”

The matter is expected to appear on the agenda for the Oct. 6 meeting of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Monday, October 19, 2020