Nearly 300 pages of transcribed interviews from the investigation into the deadly records scandal at the Registry of Motor Vehicles were released by the Department of Transportation on Wednesday.

The Thanksgiving eve information dump comes a little over a month after Transportation Committee Chairman Rep. William Straus called on Gov. Charlie Baker to release the 41 interviews Grant Thornton conducted with RMV employees, “at public expense,” during their external investigation. Straus and Senate Chairman Joseph Boncore are leading a separate legislative investigation into the matter.

MassDOT released all of those interviews, led by Grant Thornton managers, with various employees from the Registry and the Merit Rating Board, the obscure RMV division last tasked with processing out-of-state license suspensions that led to the ongoing records scandal. Grant Thornton interviews with contractors, vendors and auditors were included as well as additional questioning conducted by the MassDOT during its own internal investigation.

Interviews with key players in the investigation are included in the document, including Former Registrar Erin Deveney, who resigned over the scandal, Transportation Secretary Stephanie Pollack, Former Director of the Merit Rating Board Thomas Bowes, who was fired due to the failure, and Baker’s Deputy Chief of Staff Mindy d’Arbeloff.

Baker and Pollack hired Grant Thornton in June as the scandal of deadly incompetence at the Registry of Motor Vehicles exploded after the death of seven motorcyclists in a fiery crash.

The administration admitted the RMV had failed to suspend the license of trucker Volodymyr Zhukovskyy after a Connecticut OUI charge.

He was later involved in the New Hampshire accident with the seven motorcyclists.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020