CONCORD — Attorney Charles “Chuck’’ Douglas became the eighth recipient Monday night of the Josiah Bartlett Center’s Libertas Award. He said he was surely the first to so closely match Bartlett’s biography.

Lawyers for the state's judicial retirement plan said a former judge who resigned in 2008 after helping her disbarred lawyer hide money from the state is not entitled to get nearly a $90,000 annual pension and more than $400,000 in back pay and health coverage.

CONCORD — In a day of high drama at the State House, Bill Gardner, the nation’s longest-serving Secretary of State, held off a formidable challenge by former Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern, eking out a four-vote win to another two-year term.

CONCORD — Longtime GOP stalwart Wayne MacDonald has announced he will not seek reelection as chairman of the state Republican Party, clearing the way for Trump supporter Stephen Stepanek, who formally announced his bid for the position two weeks ago.

CONCORD — Five former New Hampshire governors took a public stand in support of long-serving Secretary of State Bill Gardner on Wednesday, with an endorsement published in major media throughout the state.

CONCORD -- The third, long-shot candidate for NH secretary of state abruptly dropped out Friday, blasting Democratic Party leaders for having what he called a "warped obsession with absolute partisan fealty."

CONCORD — Progressive topics like paid family and medical leave, a minimum wage hike and legalizing recreational marijuana will get a new lease on life with Democrats taking control of the state Senate for the first time in a decade.

They may not have the same name recognition among the general public enjoyed by their Democratic and Republican counterparts, but Libertarian candidates are working to get their campaigns and views in front of voters before Tuesday’s midterm elections.