A state hotline for election-related complaints received 125 calls and emails on Tuesday, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Attorneys responded to each issue, according to a news release from the Attorney General’s Office, with most resolved at the polls Tuesday.

The Election Law Unit of the Attorney General’s Office will follow up on those complaints that were not resolved.

The most commonly reported problem was a change to polling places: 15 people called the Attorney General’s election hotline to note that problem.

Ten people called because they had not received absentee ballots by Tuesday.

Just two callers reported problems with the ballot machines, and only one caller believed he or she had been improperly purged from the rolls.

The Attorney General’s Office reported the calls to the hotline for the following reasons, along with the number of callers who faced that problem.

Alternative voting area – 15

Party affiliation – 14

Signs/materials – 12

Absentee ballot not received before Tuesday – 10

Mask issues – 9

Cut off time – 7

Accessible voting/HAVA – 6

Drop off location for absentee – 6

Procedural counting questions – 6

Proof of eligibility to vote – 5

COVID concerns in general – 4

Electioneering zone – 4

Ballot machine issues – 3

Firearms at polls – 3

Wrong time on Facebook – 2

Polls using wrong form – 2

Challenger moving around – 1

Location of poll – 1

Photo in poll – 1

Police at polls – 1

Purging of voter list – 1

Use of nickname on ballot – 1

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