Biden campaign plans anti-Trump protest during NH rally

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign confirmed it will be sponsoring a counter protest event next Thursday during President Trump’s rally at the SNHU Arena in Manchester. The “Stand Up to Hate” event is planned for the Portland Pie Co. restaurant across and down the street from Trump’s venue. Republican and Democratic rivals to Trump in 2020 are also makings for visits just before and after Trump’s visit that will be his second since becoming President inn 2016. (File Photo)

MANCHESTER — The New Hampshire campaign of Democratic presidential front-runner Joe Biden is planning a competing protest down the street during President Trump’s rally in the Queen City’s downtown Thursday night.

Biden campaign organizers will stage their “Stand Up to Hate” event for 6 p.m. at the Portland Pie Co. restaurant across the street and just north of SNHU Arena, where Trump will be speaking.

The campaign will be signing up volunteers and talking to the public about Biden’s plans for unifying America, campaign officials said.

The Biden protest is set for 6 to 9 p.m., with Trump’s rally planned for 7 p.m.

SNHU Arena has special significance for Trump, who starred in an election-eve rally there in 2016 during which he read a letter from New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick endorsing his candidacy.

Since Trump announced plans to visit the state for only the second time since his election, his competitors in both parties have scheduled visits in advance of his arrival.

Republican challenger and former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld will be attending Old Home Days Saturday in Belmont and Hudson.

On Monday, Democratic contender and 2016 New Hampshire primary winner Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders returns for a two-day visit that includes stops in Wolfeboro, North Conway, Berlin and Littleton.

Then on the eve of Trump’s visit Wednesday, Democratic hopeful and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren returns to the state for a town hall-style forum in Franconia and a house party in Wolfeboro.

After Trump’s visit next week, Democrats N.J. Sen. Cory Booker, businessman Andrew Yang, former Maryland Rep. John Delaney and Montana Gov. Steve Bullock will all be coming back to campaign.

Biden is scheduled to return himself on Aug. 23 and 24, but details of that visit have yet to be announced.