MANCHESTER — More than four months after her vanity plates were recalled, Sherry Hourigan got them back.

Hourigan works as a Realtor in southern New Hampshire, working out of her car almost every day, she said. She found herself often too busy for a bathroom break on the road, and decided to apply for a vanity plate to reflect her reality: “IM2BZ2P.”

Vanity restored

A Manchester woman got her potty-humor plates re-issued after the Division of Motor Vehicles recalled them earlier this year.

She got a matching plate for her motorcycle, “2BZ2P.”

Hourigan drove around the state for years with the plates, eliciting chuckles where she drove. But in July, she got a letter from the Division of Motor Vehicles, notifying her the plates had been recalled. She suspects they were recalled for running afoul of the DMV’s rule against vanity plates that refer to excretion.

Not long after, Hourigan heard about another New Hampshire driver, who appealed the recall of her vanity plates to Gov. Chris Sununu through a mutual friend and was allowed to keep her vanity plate, “PB4WEGO.”

Hourigan called Gov. Sununu’s office to appeal the decision in her case. In mid-October, Hourigan said, she got calls from the DMV and the governor’s office saying she would get her plates back, and got temporary plates a few days later.

The new metal plates finally arrived on Saturday.

“So glad ‘too busy to pee’ is back on the road,” Hourigan wrote in an email.

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