KEENE — The Free State activist and former mayoral candidate who legally changed his name to Nobody now has his eyes on a bigger job.

'Nobody' wants to be Keene's next mayor

Nobody, formerly Rich Paul, told radio personality Mike Hsu that he intends to run against Gov. Chris Sununu in the New Hampshire gubernatorial primary.

“The system is rigged, so that only Democrats and Republicans have a chance,” Nobody said. “I’m doing my best to co-opt their party and subvert it.”

A Sununu representative declined to comment on Nobody’s candidacy.

Nobody ran an unsuccessful campaign for mayor in Keene, coming in a distant third in the Oct. 9 primary and getting knocked out of the race in the process. Nobody managed to garner 47 votes in the race, while candidates George Hansel and Mitchell Greenwald each got more than 1,100 votes. Hansel and Greenwald will square off in the November general election, while Nobody sets his sights on Concord.

“The voters spoke clearly and they said they’d prefer I’d be governor,” he said.

Nobody told Hsu that he became a libertarian activist following the death of his wife, and he moved to Keene to become part of the Free State Project. Free Staters are libertarian activists who are trying to change the political landscape in New Hampshire.

Nobody told Hsu that if elected he will pardon everyone in the state ever convicted on a drug crime, and for any crime related to prostitution and gambling.

“A lot of people that Congress turned into criminals ... I’m going to turn them back into full citizens,” he said.

He also intends to order all New Hampshire National Guard members and New Hampshire state troopers to resist any gun confiscation laws that might come from Washington. Nobody said the freedom to bear arms is vital to a free society.

“If the ballot box fails and the soap box fails, all we’ve got left is the cartridge box,” he said.

Nobody himself spent more than a year in prison after he was convicted of selling marijuana to an undercover informant working with the FBI. He claims his conviction stems from an FBI plot to infiltrate the Free State movement.

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