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Latest News

DEAR HELOISE: I recycle jars from baby food-size to spaghetti sauce-size to bring my lunch to work in. I can pack pasta salads, tossed salads, dressings, soup and a lot of other goodies to be eaten cold or microwaved for lunch. It saves money, time and tastes even better on a second day.

DEAR ABBY: My family just came back from a relative’s after a weekend visit. The occasion was a birthday party, and he had a tattoo artist come over. My boyfriend — the father of our 14- and 3-year-olds — spent our last $100 and went ahead and got himself a tattoo! We aren’t rich, and we had…


Barry White was known for his bass-baritone that delivered such low-n-slow ballads as “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe.” Unfortunately, his easygoing style didn’t prevent him from dying from complications of high blood pressure. It’s a risk more and more Americans face every year, despit…


JPMorgan Chase has agreed to pay more than $920 million to settle investigations with federal agencies after admitting to multiyear scheme to manipulate market prices through illegal trading practices.


Consumer confidence rebounded in September by the most in more than 17 years as Americans grew more upbeat about the outlook for the economy and job market, though sentiment remained below pre-pandemic levels.


Canada's largest provinces are bringing in new limits on activity after a spike in covid-19 cases, threatening to short-circuit an economic recovery.

Public health officials in the U.S. could take heart at the end of the summer. Even as the new coronavirus continued to spread, fewer people were winding up in the hospital because of covid-19, and fewer were dying.