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A 69-year-old Massachusetts man was rescued from South Tripyramid Saturday afternoon after sliding approximately 100 feet while hiking, the Fish and Game Department said.

DEAR ABBY: This is a delicate situation. Four days after my boyfriend (whom I had been seeing for 8½ years) was killed in an accident, I found out he was married. He had claimed for years that he was divorced and even produced a copy of his divorce decree several years ago. It is a long story.

DEAR HELOISE: My dog is part vegetarian, I think! He loves to eat raw — and cooked, for that matter — broccoli, pea pods, carrots and cauliflower! — Harriet P. in New York

Q: My iPhone XS, now 26 months old, often doesn’t ring or vibrate when I receive a call. So, unless I’m looking at the screen when the call arrives, I miss it. But this doesn’t happen on every call.

WASHINGTON — A federal judge chided the self-identified “QAnon Shaman,” who was part of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, for appearing in a “60 Minutes Plus” interview without permission.


KEENE -- A firefighter was treated for exertion after a three-alarm fire on Castle Street Saturday morning.

Last week, I got an email that reminded me of the dangers of retractable leashes. The improving spring weather likely means that more people will be walking their dogs. A few years ago, I wrote about this topic, relating an experience I had. This feels like a good time to reprise the topic.