GILMANTON -- Incumbent selectman Steve McWhinnie was defeated in a three-way race on Tuesday.

Mark Warren, the senior/lead pastor of Grace Capital Church claimed a three-year term on the board with 447 votes. Vinnie Biocchetti, a former Gilmanton police officer who was named as an expert witness in Gilmanton Police Chief Matt Currier’s lawsuit against the town, attracted 414 votes.

McWhinnie finished third with 133 votes.

Townspeople also rejected giving selectmen the authority to spend money from the town driveways capital reserve fund “when the need arises.”

Voters adopted an operating budget of $4,118,181, and handily endorsed waiving the registration fee for one vehicle for anyone who can document that they were a prisoner of war.

Replacing two bridges on Stage Road at a cost of $2.3 million received a green light, with $251,000 to come from unassigned fund balance, $209,00 in reserve funds and $1.84 million from the state. A $70,000 appropriation was approved for the final design and bidding for the replacement of the Crystal Lake Road Bridge, with $14,000 to come from taxation and $56,000 from the state.

By a vote of 771 to 208, residents approved a petitioned warrant article requesting that the entrance doors at the town offices be unlocked and accessible to the general public "without hindrance/buzzers" at all times town business is being conducted in the building.

Voters also authorized spending $47,700 to partially fund the 2019 operations of the Gilmanton Year-Round Library and agreed to withdraw $233,656 from previously established reserve funds to buy and equip both a loader and a pickup truck for the highway department.

Townspeople endorsed adding $246,000 to capital reserve funds for ambulance replacement, refurbishment or replacement of fire trucks, property reevaluation, computer replacement or repairs and for recycling equipment. A request to add $30,000 to the recycling and transfer facility improvements capital reserve was defeated, as was a requested $30,000 deposit into the Academy Building Mechanical Upgrades & Professional Engineering capital reserve fund. Voters also rejected establishing a capital reserve fund containing $1 for repairs and maintenance to the Crystal Lake Park facility.

Voters supported dissolving the Parks, Playgrounds and Recreation Commission established in 1964, and giving selectmen the authority to assume those duties. An $11,000 appropriation to be offset by up to a $4,000 grant was approved to fund a condition assessment of the Old Town Hall.

To pay for a Statistical Property Revaluation to be completed in 2019, residents agreed to withdraw $87,000 from a capital reserve and appropriate $11,000 from taxation. In other spending measures, $30,000 was added to the court cases non-capital reserve account and a $5,000 deposit into a non-capital reserve account to fund fire department vehicle repairs was approved.