HOOKSETT By a vote just clearing the required three-fifths majority (599 yes, 390 no), residents approved a request to appropriate more than $2 million to install sewer infrastructure on a parcel of land along the Everett Turnpike.

Officials say it could prove to be a major incentive to business development.

The $2.5 million in bond issuance funds will be used for Phase 1 of engineering and initial construction of the Route 3A infrastructure improvements.

Voters also approved both the proposed town operating budget of $19,035,357 (539 yes, 438 no), as well as the proposed school budget of $34,301,731 (738 yes, 436 no).

Residents declined for the third straight year to fund a full-time Parks and Recreation Director (406 yes, 600 no). Voters also narrowly shot down a proposal to appropriate $200,000 from unassigned fund balance for the partial renovation of Hooksett’s 191-year-old Old Town Hall (363 yes, 367 no).

They voted to raise and appropriate $250,000 from taxation for the Fire Apparatus Capital Reserve Fund (636 yes, 361 no).