LONDONDERRY — Tuesday’s vote approving Keno in town was in error, with the corrected tally falling 32 votes short, according to town officials.

Town Manager Kevin Smith said the initial count had the measure passing by eight votes, but on review it failed 1,349 to 1,317.

Smith said Town Moderator Tom Freda discovered the error Thursday while certifying the count after he noticed the total number of ballots didn’t add up to the sum of all the yes votes, no votes and blank ballots.

When Freda looked back, he found that the error was in transposing a number onto a spreadsheet, according to Smith.

“It was right on the ticket tape, but wrong on the spreadsheet,” he said.

The warrant article was added by citizen petition. Smith said Republican state Rep. Al Baldassaro submitted the petition.

Smith said Baldassaro can ask for a recount if 10 people sign onto the request and a fee of $10 is paid to the town.