Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden reacts during a stop on his presidential campaign in Los Angeles.

CONCORD — NextGen New Hampshire, the state chapter of the youth-oriented political group founded by billionaire and former Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer, endorsed Joe Biden for president Wednesday.

With its endorsement, NextGen America is expected to leverage its $1.5 million investment in New Hampshire to support Biden’s campaign, pledging nearly 19,000 young people to vote for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot this fall.

“Joe Biden is the leader our country needs right now. While Donald Trump is exacerbating our current economic and healthcare crisis, Biden sets himself apart as a leader that will listen to young people, scientists, and experts to get our country back on track,” said NextGen New Hampshire press secretary Dan Bristol. “The stakes of this election couldn’t be higher. Young people are going to be the margin in this election, and NextGen New Hampshire is ready to lead the way in turning out young people for Joe Biden.”

NextGen New Hampshire is the local branch of the national organization NextGen America, which is focused on getting young voters to the polls, and supporting progressive candidates.

Before the pandemic, NextGen was knocking on doors and recruiting on New Hampshire college campuses to get young people from all over the country to vote in the state’s primary.

The group didn’t endorse a candidate in the New Hampshire primary, but as Biden became the presumptive nominee NextGen urged Biden’s campaign to adopt more progressive policy positions.

According to Bristol, NextGen’s endorsement comes as Biden has worked to incorporate young voters’ perspectives on issues like gun safety, climate, the economy, and education.

According to NextGen America, young voters make up nearly 40% of the U.S. electorate. Nationally, NextGen will invest $45 million and register nearly 300,000 voters aged 18-35 to elect Biden president, flip the Senate, and win key down-ballot races to gain and defend statehouse majorities in 11 states around the country.

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